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The only difference in you and the top performing entrepreneurs in the country is their ability to make the right decisions when it counts. Here is how they do it.

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Tag Thompson has been an entrepreneur and business owner for more than two decades. He has started, purchased, or sold 27 companies in 6 different industries. As an executive coach and consultant for 18 years, Tag has worked with hundreds of struggling business owners, helping them realign focus and scale. Tag is a board certified business coach, a six sigma black belt, and has graduate degrees in business and economics. Though his skills and knowledge qualify him as an expert, Tag has a way of explaining complex things in very simple ways. 

Tag has distilled the most important business skills and philosophies into this course. No fluff. No wasted hours watching videos that can't seem to get you closer to your goals. Combine this course with the included membership in his coaching program and you will see results immediately. We are talking massive results!

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Short answer. Everything. No levels. No upsells. 

Dozens of hours of exclusive instruction!

You are busy, we all are! So every video is broken down into bite size instruction that you can watch while you are brushing your teeth!

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Tag will take your questions and not quit until your bottlenecks and issues are resolved! 

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Rob Swanson, CEO Freedomsoft

"Tag is smart. If you want insight, strategies, and hacks to grow your business, make the right decisions, and succeed, you’ve found the right guy. His experience spans across industries and business models making his guidance a resource on par with your own board of advisors."

Dr. Lori Civello, Chief Medical Officer

"Simply put, we would be out of business if it were not for Tag's careful and compassionate insight. He is patient, brilliant, and the most dedicated coach I have ever encountered."

Ryan Russell, CEO Lift Media Group

“I am not exaggerating when I say that Tag Thompson’s wisdom has grown my business by $300,000 in the past year. His clear, trustworthy, and practical insights has shown me that scale is actually possible in business. I have no doubt that you are going to get just as much value out of this course!”

Zack Childress, CEO REI Success Academy and Rise Up

"What Tag knows and his vision to help your business grow to the next level with intention, is unlike anyone or any other services I have ever seen. I have been building companies for 20 years and Tag's systems mindset is the key to what all new and seasoned business owners need to know! His simplistic ways of implementing the key process you need are why people keep coming back to him for his consulting and mentorship! If you have a chance to learn from this man, jump at the chance to be inside his circle!"

Lauren Hardy, CEO Virtual Realestate Mastery

“I couldn’t imagine a better person to teach a business class than Tag. Tag has been a mentor to me for years. I know this sounds cliche but I truly wouldn’t be where I am without his mentorship. He helped me at time when my business was out of control. I was a young entrepreneur, terrified of getting sued, going broke, or any other pain that comes along with business ownership. He’s been through it all in business so he always has a story that could break me through my fears and push me to the next level. He’s extremely analytical and brilliant so I would listen to everything he says!”