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A singular place to learn the principles and concepts that will make you a decision making machine!



The #1 reason businesses fail is owner burnout. Learn how to avoid this and have extreme joy in what you do every day!

Risk Management

Avoid the "Dumb Tax" learn how to quickly analyze and assess risk.

Business Ethics and Accountability

Most civil lawsuits are caused by simple and slight lapses in judgement. We will teach you the boundaries you need to put in place to avoid these. 

Organizational Behavior

Controlling behavior is such and important part of life. Learn how to control the way your company behaves.

Company Set Up

Learn the super basic principles that help you set up your company for success from the start!

Mindset/Psychology of Success

Learn the benefits and real life cost of your mindset. 


Don't confuse this with leadership! They are not the same. Not even close.


It's impossible to scale without people. Learn how to lead them to your mission effortlessly.


What tools every business leader needs in their tool belt to get more out than you put in.

The Future of Marketing

Where is marketing going in the future, and how to avoid costly mistakes on new marketing tactics. 


Do you know how to read and make decisions based on your P&L? You will soon.

Human Resources 

Create an SOP, Training, Work culture... All in a few minutes.

Tracking and KPI

What are the critical metrics you must be obsessed with in order to grow? 

Personal Development

The best investment you can make is in yourself. WTF does that mean?

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